The “Conservative Bible Project”: not a hoax, apparently

by blue in green

Such are the extremes of the Christian far-right that it was initially hard to tell whether The Conservative Bible Project was a hoax. Surely, the idea that current Bible translations require “correction” to explain the “full free-market meaning” of Jesus’ parables must be a joke. It is even hoped that a proper “conservative” Bible translation will become a text for public school courses. This is sly self-parody from Conservapedia, the Wikipedia alternative based on the notion that knowledge itself must be kept ideologically pure. Right?

Well, apparently not. Their translation of the Gospel of Mark is already on-line and clearly meant to be taken seriously. To be fair, they don’t seem to have altered the text in quite as ludicrous a way as originally suggested. That makes you wonder, though, why they are bothering in the first place. Perhaps it is a publicity stunt after all.